Blackheads on the lip


1. Cleansing skincare is more than applying creams and lotions and creams. It begins with cleaning. Cleansing the skin will take off dirt, make-up as well as excess sebum and microorganisms.


While cleaning, you should take care of your skin. Therefore, do not scrub or make use of harsh cleaners. Make sure to use a facial cleanser which is neutral in pH and doesn’t contain harsh or aggressive cleanser. Try not to bathe or shower often, for long, hot. The skin is dries.

Step 2: care
After cleansing, taking care of your skin is crucial, especially if you have dry skin. If you take care of your skin properly, you can repair a damaged skin barrier, and keep the skin barrier that is healthy in top state. Maintaining a healthy skin is not an unnecessary expense!The cream you choose to use isn’t required to be difficult The key is to use natural skin care products – even if you’re suffering from skin issues like acne or Rosacea.

Step 3: sun protection
Be sure to shield your skin from the sun by wearing sunscreen. Sunscreens are essential to avoid skin cancer and sun damage. By shielding your skin’s surface from UV radiation, you instantly reduce the signs of ageing. Did you realize sunlight exposure could be one of the main external reason for skin ageing? Therefore, you can defend yourself against this by applying daily using a cream for your face that contains SPF or sunblock.