Business of golf: Former Ralph Lauren VP Charlie Schaefer talks about his Greyson Clothiers line

Greyson clothiers turned into based by charlie schaefer, who had spent thirteen years running in layout for ralph lauren, but had desires of making his personal emblem.
He named greyson after his daughter, presenting a wolf for the brand. Schaefer stated his mantra for the clothing logo is folks who get up for what they trust in and realize while it’s time to guide the %.
Greyson has had amazing growth over the previous couple of years, merging fashion and sport and has massive plans on the horizon. The emblem has been championed through ambassadors like erik van rooyen (see our interview with him under).
We requested schaefer some questions concerning the increase of the business and design.
Golfweek: has the explosion in golfing because the pandemic hit made it easier to discover a purchaser base, or more difficult due to the fact extra style outlets are looking to get into the gap?
Charlie schaefer: we had been seeing excellent boom with our client base prior to covid so it’s far hard to say if the pandemic has had an effect in either path. The golfing area has without a doubt seen some saturation with a number of brands getting into the market these days. I don’t assume that hurts greyson, on the contrary, the budding competition enables carry visibility to the game. It has end up very clear what brands are specific and real. We are relatively fortunate as our patron base is deeply dependable and continues to aid us as we enlarge.
Gw: you as soon as were excessive on brick-and-mortar stores. Manifestly, you still have the detroit shop but palm seaside didn’t make it through. Is that the wave of the future, or have you shifted your imaginative and prescient?
Cs: palm beach become always meant to be transient as it turned into a friend’s area. It turned into our opportunity to analyze and hold to refine the model. I trust that brick-and-mortar is essential to sturdiness and sustainability, because it lets in you to express surely who you’re. Greyson’s retail plan is primarily based on growing unique standards in which the physical save will become a platform to test and produce our lifestyle and message to nearby communities. Not one keep may be alike … every save might be specific to its surroundings with a focus on network and engagement. Our vision has usually been clean in the feel that we will no longer do the traditional version … we can approach each shop from a curator’s angle. We value so intensely every community we enter so we will be sure to provide some thing unique and unique. Permit’s just say there are a lot of a laugh standards within the near future.
Gw: what obstacles do you notice on the golf enterprise horizon, and what’s the most important you’ve already hurdled?
Cs: the most important impediment that we are able to continually face is the tempo of change in the game. We’ve constantly incredibly reputable the game, but at the equal token need to innovate and create an environment that is inviting and cool. I understood early on that if we do what we trust in (actually) and not think about “regulations” that we’d inevitably help create exchange with folks that observe.
The hurdles were wonderful for any startup corporation … elevating capital, making product, promoting product, creating models, dealing with cash glide, hiring a crew … hurdles no longer one more unique than the opposite, but with every impediment that we stepped thru, we’ve emerge as stronger. To me, that is everything. I welcome barriers as it offers us an opportunity to prove how strong we’re.
Gw: do you notice the logo increasing into a ladies’s line with its exponential growth on the men’s facet?
Cs: sure. Q4 we are able to finally deal with all of the women in our lives. I’m exceptionally excited. We’ve got built the sort of strong group that i’ve severe confidence around this enlargement.
Ok, permit’s get into the garments themselves:
Gw: what changed into the muse behind a number of greyson’s brighter patterns and prints?
Cs: lifestyles. Nature, looking beyond and being stimulated via that that’s round us. I’m the person that looks at each piece of architecture and every form of tree. I take trips to the park just to look at the colors of the birds. Visits to the zoo with my ladies have a hidden time table of geeking out at the styles of jaguars, giraffes, and peacocks. I wander thru botanical gardens, marveling at the staghorn ferns, the delicacy of orchids, and the colours of the delphiniums. The inspiration round greyson is countless as i pull proposal from life.
Gw: when introducing the golf jogger, did you worry that the excursion would no longer take delivery of them or see them as a informal pant?
Cs: i didn’t care. The evolution of game and especially golfing has seen a few “colourful” style. Knickers have been in and around the sport due to the fact that the start. I consider that the jogger is the modern-day knicker.
Gw: greyson’s hoodies normally do no longer have a drawstring, do you watched that helps them stay extra suitable for competitive play?
Cs: yes, that became very intentional. Our designs are educated and cater to the desires of the golfer. We do not have pouches on our cashmere hoodies. I consider that your garments ought to go beyond your existence and fashion. By using this, i mean that you need to be capable of put on the identical appearance from the workplace to the route to dinner. By way of making the patterns cleaner and more sophisticated — subsequently no drawcord and pouch — we have allowed that piece to be worn in a large number of activities.
Gw: what makes your polos stick out from other organizations?
Cs: everything. They may be designed with a bespoke haberdashery way, focusing on the nuances of a dress shirt collar however created with the most innovative technological fabrics. They’re basically the excellent aggregate of function and era with a nod to guys’s tailoring.